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You save time and money with QFS professional trucks dispatch services. It’s that simple.

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    About QFS

    Best Truck Dispatching Company

    QFS is the Best truck dispatching service company that manages all back-office operations so you can compete with huge fleets.

    Normally, a large carrier would engage someone to handle all of these chores, but it is costly for a small carrier, which is where Quantum Freight Solutions comes in! Our procedure is straightforward; your specialized Truck dispatcher will work with you according to your specifications. Whether you want to be home every night, every other night, or once every two weeks, our Freight dispatchers will work with you to build a path that will reach your target goals.

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    About QFS

    We Are Fully US Based Company

    To provide you peace of mind, we are a fully registered US-based company, and when you engage with us, we will send our whole paperwork package, including a W-9. Furthermore, we have a physical facility in the Chicago area where you can visit us at any time. But what will provide you with the most convenience are our simple Zelle payment transfers to the Chase bank, which have no costs for you and are with a bank you trust. These are our competitive advantages over many other sketchy companies who use foreign wires, Western Unions, do not have a W-9, and do not even have a physical presence in the United States. Consider this!

    We are Proud of our achievements and we don’t hide them


    Founded in 2007 as a small business, we are now the market leader in dispatch service in the United States.


    We have more than 70+ truck dispatchers working full time for you. We always choose the top


    We currently service over 100+ trucks and have several trucks of our own. Our Pool Of Carriers Grow Daily.


    We understand that truck dispatch performance is related to comfortable work environment

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    To Turn Your Freight Bills Into Cash In 24 Hours

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    Getting Started With
    Quantum Freight Solutions

    When you sign up with Quantum Freight Solutions, your account is assigned to a professional Truck dispatcher who will oversee your account. You can be confident that your dedicated dispatcher is well-versed in the trucking industry and will go above and beyond to get you the greatest deals on the Best Freight that meets your unique demands. This includes not only checking the load boards for the best loads but also expertly negotiating those loads with the freight broker to receive the greatest pricing on those loads. Once we have received all of your papers, you will be introduced to your personal dispatcher and will begin working immediately.
    We have trucking reasons for our service

    Why Work With Us


    Our truck dispatch services are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective way to have qualified truck dispatchers exclusively working for you.


    It's difficult to find skilled truck dispatchers, but it's much more difficult to train them properly. We take on all of the worry of recruiting, training & managing for you.


    It will cost you thousands of dollars to manage a full-time office & in-house dispatchers. You may have a low-cost office with qualified dispatchers when you work with us.


    Labor-related lawsuits or infractions are expensive, especially when W-2 employees are misclassified or overtime is not paid. You are in compliance with us.

    Owner Operators:

    Quantum Freight Solutions is a truck dispatch company that offers first-rate dispatch services to owner-operators and small trucking businesses. Our Specialty is to provide the best loads in the market for every driver. Our experienced team ensures that drivers from every region or state receive high-quality, well-paying loads.

    Trucking Companies:

    Our expert truck dispatchers will connect you with the brokers directly so you can focus on driving. We handle all of the paperwork. There will be no more follow-ups with the Broker for lumper and detention pay. Our in-house dispatchers handle all administrative tasks for you. 


    What your.
    “wowed” neighbors are saying

    I’m an owner operator based out of Chicago Illinois. I switched dispatch services after being dissatisfied with a different company, and Quantum Freight Solutions exceeded my expectations. Their customer service and attention to truck dispatch service quality makes them a truck dispatch company I want to keep working with. They negotiate in my best interest all the time.

    Saba Abernethy
    Manager of Westwood

    They dispatch my flatbed, step deck, and dry van and they manage all my trucks. They really know what they are doing. My drivers really appreciate these guys touching base with them and making sure they are taken care. Really great truck dispatch company. They have everything streamlined. They always give me the best load options before booking and ask me what I suggest. At this point, they know what is best for my company and I appreciate them for going the extra mile.

    Cordell Ascione

    I am extremely happy with their truck dispatching service. Their communication is great, and they get me very good loads. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to hire a truck dispatch company!

    Glen Malec
    Owner Operator

    Frequent Questions

    QFS Dispatch Services has a dedicated staff to provide you with the safe, most reliable, and highest paid load boards in USA industry. We provide the most comprehensive listings, backed up by extensive tools to assist you in making the best business decisions. QFS understands what carriers want and require in a load board.

    Our knowledgeable truck dispatchers connect you with shippers, brokers, and factories directly. We complete all of the relevant documentation. You work directly with the best Shippers and Brokers, and they pay you. . To find your dry freight and reefer shipments, our agents search numerous load boards. We keep you working and do not leave your vehicles stuck for days like some other truck dispatch services do.

    No, not at all. Many of our Carriers rely on us on a “as required” basis. When you sign on, we will go over all of this with you. The only thing we ask is that you give us as much advance notice as possible so that we can better plan for your needs, and that you notify us if your status changes.
    You are not required to accept every load that is provided to you. We strive hard to identify loads that meet your specifications, but you have the option to deny any loads you don’t wish to take. To save everyone time and headaches, we ask that you describe your requirements and speak with our dispatch agents.

    Working as a dispatcher necessitates solid communication skills, the capacity to multitask, and the ability to be flexible when issues arise. However, at QFS, we’ve worked hard to develop technologies that minimize logistical problems. For example, our load boards are the most extensive freight network in the industry, making it simple and clear for owner operators to save money and operate as their own dispatchers.

    We incentivize our dispatchers based on the RPM and Value of the Load per week. This provides consistent high-value loads; therefore the fixed-rate approach is advantageous.


    Best Truck Dispatching Company

    Quantum freight solutions has a dedicated staff to provide you with safe, reliable and highest paying loads in the industry UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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