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QFS Dispatch Services has a dedicated staff to provide you with the safe, most reliable, and highest paid load boards in USA industry. We provide the most comprehensive listings, backed up by extensive tools to assist you in making the best business decisions. QFS understands what carriers want and require in a load board.

Our knowledgeable truck dispatchers connect you with shippers, brokers, and factories directly. We complete all of the relevant documentation. You work directly with the best Shippers and Brokers, and they pay you. . To find your dry freight and reefer shipments, our agents search numerous load boards. We keep you working and do not leave your vehicles stuck for days like some other truck dispatch services do.

No, not at all. Many of our Carriers rely on us on a “as required” basis. When you sign on, we will go over all of this with you. The only thing we ask is that you give us as much advance notice as possible so that we can better plan for your needs, and that you notify us if your status changes.

You are not required to accept every load that is provided to you. We strive hard to identify loads that meet your specifications, but you have the option to deny any loads you don’t wish to take. To save everyone time and headaches, we ask that you describe your requirements and speak with our dispatch agents.

Other Questions

Working as a dispatcher necessitates solid communication skills, the capacity to multitask, and the ability to be flexible when issues arise. However, at QFS, we’ve worked hard to develop technologies that minimize logistical problems. For example, our load boards are the most extensive freight network in the industry, making it simple and clear for owner operators to save money and operate as their own dispatchers.

We incentivize our dispatchers based on the RPM and Value of the Load per week. This provides consistent high-value loads; therefore the fixed-rate approach is advantageous.


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Quantum freight solutions has a dedicated staff to provide you with safe, reliable and highest paying loads in the industry UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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